Two New Hotel Offerings for Panama Family Adventure

Isla Palenque Great Room Pool

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve added a pair of inviting new accommodations to our Panama Family Adventure tour: El Otro Lado and Isla Palenque.
These two properties are the kind of boutique lodgings that are far more than just a place to sleep. We just had our team out to both hotels and you can immediately tell the people behind them have put so much thought into everything. They’ve been skillfully curated and purposefully placed in these really outstanding locales. You won’t believe just how much a stay at these properties will enhance your trip.
They’re the ideal complement to your Panama Family Adventure as both accentuate Panama’s appeal as a one-of-a-kind destination that’s still deeply underappreciated by the general traveling population. It is an absolute gem of a discovery for anyone lucky enough to explore its mix of unspoiled coastlines and expansive jungles.
Paradise in the jungle
Cocooned in Portobelo Bay, a small fishers’ village and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the boutique hotel El Otro Lado is home to a mix of design, culture, and nature that vibes in color and creativity and should earn it features in leading design magazines. El Otro Lado is located in a quiet harbor just 90 minutes from Panama City, set among 110 hectares of unblemished land and surrounded by rainforests, mangroves and coral reefs. As there are no roads to get to the boutique lodging, a 10-minute boat ride takes you to this well-kept secret retreat. 
A private island resort 
Isla Palenque was built for luxurious indoor and outdoor relaxation and has been named by National Geographic as one of the ‘Unique Lodges of the World.’ Nestled into the jungle at the edge of the Pacific Ocean on Palenque Island, off the coast of the State of Chiriquí, you’ll enjoy your own private casita just a short walk from the beach, wander through the island’s jungle paths, swim, snorkel, kayak and paddleboard off one of the seven island beaches, lounge next to the infinity pool, and enjoy the solitude of this quiet island utopia. 

Panama Family Adventure
Our Panama Family Adventure is an 8-day exploration that includes Panama City and the Panama Canal, plus Lake Alajuela, Soberania National Park, and the Pacific Coast.
We recommend Isla Palenque as an extension to your family adventure in Panama and El Otro Lado is an excellent accommodation alternative if you’re looking for a more unique, boutique option. Of course, Southern Explorations trips can be fully-customized based on your schedule, personal travel style and interests to create your trip of a lifetime.