The Truth About Panama

Pristine beach in Panama with boat

The truth is, Panama doesn’t get its due. It’s such an interesting country, and yet you don’t hear nearly as much about it as you should. That's good news for you if you’re the kind of traveler that wants to get away from the big tourism crowds to unlock something special for yourself.
You want intriguing hotels and resorts? Panama has them. You want unspoiled beaches with clear turquoise waters? Check. Deep rainforests packed with adventure options? Yup. What about exciting, thriving urban life? You’ll find that too.
This country is more than just hats and a canal (though there’s plenty interesting to be discovered about the hats and the canal). It has its Caribbean side and its Pacific Coast side, the former promising relaxing beach going, the latter delivering amazing surf and watersport options, and together serving up all the beach-life you could want.
You’ll be able to explore the ruins of Spanish forts or trek into the rainforest and learn all about Panama’s Indigenous groups. There’s Panama City, a modern multicultural metropolis brimming with abundant coastal green space, a gorgeous skyline, plus a rich collection of museums, restaurants, and casinos. Casa Viejo, Panama City’s most historic neighborhood, is like Havana meets Miami; an eclectic mix of Moorish-inspired Spanish colonial architecture and cobblestone streets crossed with a contemporary urban vibe.
Perhaps its Panama’s place on the map that causes so many people to miss it. A thin slice of land between two giant oceans and the massive bulks of North and South America. The lean little land bridge link between the Americas. Its narrow nature was the reason it intrigued world explorers for hundreds of years as they looked for a waterway across the land bridge, but it’s also given Panama a rather unnoticed nature, both literally and figuratively.
You see, when you play that game where you spin the globe to see where your finger lands, the odds are it won’t be landing on Panama. But take a closer look at the map and we think you’ll really start to like what you see.
Notice all the green on the map? It’s home to Panama’s exceptional range of environments and habitats that includes mangroves, rocky coasts, sandy beaches, swamps and wetlands, volcanoes, palm forests, and dense tropical rainforests.
If you zoom in on the center of the country to the famous canal, you’ll also notice Soberanía National Park. It’s extremely popular with birdwatchers for the more than 500 species of birds found there. More than 100 species of mammals have also been scientifically documented here, like the white-faced capuchin monkeys, mantled howler monkeys, Panamanian night monkeys, Geoffroy's tamarins, two-toed and three-toed sloths, southern tamanduas, white-nosed coatis, and agoutis.
What we’re saying is, there’s no shortage of wildlife viewing either.
Keep looking at the map and you’ll also notice all that coastline, the peninsulas, and the many islands (a good number of which are uninhabited). All that coastline gives you incredible access to coral reefs and waters packed with marine wildlife like humpback whales, hammerhead sharks, and manta rays.
We could keep going but it would go against everything we know about Panama (which is a lot, just call us and ask) if we didn’t let it keep some of its secrets to reveal when you visit. Give us a call or email today and discover the truth about Panama for yourself next year.