Isn't This Supposed to Be Your Year?

Woman hiking in Patagonia

Don’t look now, but a good portion of the year is somehow already in the rearview mirror. So what now? Wasn’t this the year you were going to find more time for yourself? Wasn’t this the year you were going to break the routine whenever you could? The year you were going to try to find a way to escape the commute for a little while? The year you were going to really expand that wine collection?

You don’t need to go back on those promises you made to yourself. We’ve got a ton of ways for you to make sure you break the routine and do everything you envisioned yourself accomplishing this year.

To get you started - and in case you missed our last newsletter - you can check out our 20 trips for 2020 here. It’s a great place to get some ideas percolating if you’ve yet to decide where you want your next adventure to take you.

Want to make sure you don’t miss out on your ideal trip? Everything over the December 2020 holidays is going fast, especially our Galapagos and Patagonia trips. If you're looking to get on one of our luxury trips for the 2020 holiday season, you'll want to book within the next month of they'll all be gone. Meanwhile, our Classic Inca Trail is nearly sold out and our most popular Antarctica trips are moving quickly.

Something else in mind? Our team of South America and Central America travel experts have put together a list of trips categorized not by destination or activities (you can find them categorized that way at the top of this page), but instead by what you want to get out of your Latin America adventure experience.

More Time For Yourself

Since all of our trips are highly-customizable, it’s safe to say every Southern Explorations trip equals time for you, but some of our adventures really lean into that idea. Here are a few starting points for creating the ultimate “you time” experience.

Brazil Surf & Yoga: This 7-day experience sets aside a ton of time for you to take part in some truly centering activities. It includes surfing lessons for all skill levels as well as Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga lessons.

Galapagos SUP Adventure: SUP (stand up paddleboarding) is a great way to steal some real time for yourself and there’s no better place do it than the Galapagos Islands. Throughout this 9-day adventure you will calmly explore the coastlines of several Galapagos islands with stand up paddle boards, exploring caverns, beaches and mangroves. Plus, there’s a healthy dose of snorkeling and nature hikes baked into the itinerary as well.

Break the Routine

Looking to shake things up a little? We can do that. Whether it’s simply finding another way forward or rejecting the ordinary all together, we’ve got the trip for that.

Uruguay Triangle Tour: Unless you live in nearby Buenos Aires, it’s unlikely an Uruguay experience is too commonplace for you. Enjoy the unexpected and the underexplored on a trip dense with relaxation, metropolitan exploration, high-end leisure and sites you never even knew you never knew about.

Costa Rica Adventure: Unless you’re a young Justin Laycob (Southern Explorations Founder and CEO), it’s unlikely whitewater rafting is part of your day-to-day. But it can be during this 9-day multi-sport exploration of the planet’s most biodiverse country.

Escape the Commute

Traffic got you down? Can’t stand the bumper to bumper or the monotony of your daily drive in? No problem. At Southern Explorations, we’re really good at getting you off the well-trafficked path.

Alternative Inca Trail: Following the Inca Trail to the ancient city of Machu Picchu may seem like a rite of passage for travelers, but that doesn’t mean you have to take the same route as the thousands of hikers before you.

Quilotoa Loop: This clever Ecuador extension includes a village-to-village trekking and is the perfect add-on for any active traveler looking to get off the beaten path and into the heart of the Andean backcountry.

Expand the Wine Collection

Time to add the highly personal touch to the wine collection? Wine is an unrivaled souvenir and nothing beats uncorking a bottle that takes you back to your trip of a lifetime.

Luxury Patagonia & Wineries: You’ll have plenty of opportunities to gather the bottles your personal wine collection is craving as you experience Patagonia on this 14-day exploration that pairs highlights from our Luxury Patagonia trip with a gourmet tour through the Lakes District and an exotic Mendoza wine tasting tour, sampling the best that Argentina has to offer.

Western Vineyards of Uruguay: Searching for that formerly obscure varietal once only grown in France? Uruguay’s now famous Tannat is what you’re looking for and you’ll sample plenty of it and more as you’re introduced to Uruguay’s vinicultural traditions and explore exceptional vineyards.