Where to next?


You may recall last fall when talk of Chile as the destination for 2018 was all over the place. From being named South America's Leading Adventure Destination for a third consecutive year at the World Travel Awards to Lonely Planet identifying the destination as the number one country you need to visit in 2018 as part of their ‘Best in Travel 2018’ list, Chile was everywhere.
The anticipation surrounding Chile in 2018 was well deserved. The destination is having an incredible year so far, celebrating 200 years since the signing of Chilean Declaration of Independence (the first independent Chilean government was actually established in 1810), Pope Francis visited in January, and the outdoor adventures simply don’t stop.
If you’re still hoping to explore and experience Chile in 2018, we can certainly get you there if you give our team of South America and Central America travel experts a call today. Or, if you’re wondering which destination is destined to be the next must see in 2019 spot, we have you covered there too!
Our team couldn’t help but notice that it’s becoming almost impossible to ignore the buzz building around Colombia at the moment. The New York Times had already positioned Colombia as a must-visit for their ’52 Places to Go’ piece earlier this year, highlighting Colombia’s eagerness “to become the adventurous, cosmopolitan hot spot it deserves to be’ as a prime reason to visit.
The country’s incredible food culture has been making headlines of its own as Colombia’s distinct blend of varied environments, richly supplied local markets, and diverse communities have created an altogether original, yet internationally overlooked, gastronomic scene. In-the-know food folk have been all in on the Colombian food scene for a little while now, and the country has long been synonymous with incredible coffee, but the rest of the world is only now starting to wake up to the overwhelming offerings awaiting them on breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables across the country, not to mention the street food and snacking opportunities everywhere you turn.
The same rich mix of diverse landscapes that has given Colombia it’s disparate food scene also makes it an adventure traveler’s dream. Hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting; you name it and Colombia has the adventure option, a fact best exemplified on our Colombia Multi-Sport Adventure trip.
Then there's the cities. Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena are among the most underappreciated metropolitan areas in all of South America and Central America. Admittedly, these fascinating cities were once considered among the most dangerous in the world, but that is definitely no longer the case. These days they represent the best of what revitalized urban areas can become, now boasting the aforementioned food scene, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, dynamic street art, thrilling nightlife, and architecture awash in the country’s incredible history.
So don’t be surprised when Colombia is the toast of the travel world for 2019! Now is the time to take in the next must-see destination before everyone else arrives. Why not draw inspiration from Colombia’s varied culinary scene as we help you create your own custom Colombia adventure? Mix city explorations, delectable food and drink experiences, and riveting multi-sport adventures on a Colombia itinerary especially suited to your travel predilections by calling Justin and the team today to get creating Colombian-style.