Posada Amazonas is a comfortable yet unobtrusive thirty-bedroom lodge owned jointly by the Peru ecotour company, Rainforest Expeditions, and the Ese'eja native community of Infierno. Located on its own private reserve near the Tambopata-Candamo National Reserve, the list of attractions on this Peru tour include an oxbow lake, giant river otters, small monkeys and hundreds of bird species. Its observation tower provides easy access to one of the world's final biological frontiers, the rainforest canopy. Guided tours include ethno-botanical walks, visits to small-scale farms and other expeditions developed in association with the lodge's native partners.

This highly-regarded project has received support from an impressive array of international donors. Thanks to its accessibility, excellent wildlife observation opportunities and comfortable accommodations, Posada Amazonas is the ideal short, economical, introductory Amazon ecotour of the basin's richest rainforests.

EcoLodge Details

  • Daily departures assure utmost flexibility at great value on this Peru tour.
  • Built combining traditional native architecture and materials (wood, palm fronds, wild cane and clay) with modern, low-impact, eco-lodge technology.
  • Room size (7X4 meters) keeps them airy and well ventilated.
  • Clay walls regulate heat while providing a charming final appereance.
  • Visitors are in permanent contact with the forest: the wall looking into the forest is a waist-high verandah.
  • Private bathrooms with showers and flush toilets.
  • Dining and lounge areas are designed for 80 people, offering ample space to rest and socialize.
  • Our three meals combine international, Peruvian and local cuisine. Vegetarians are welcome.
  • Guides are Ese'eja and English-speaking Peruvian naturalists: the unsurpassable field lore of the former complements the technical knowledge and communication skills of the latter.
  • The lodge staff not only sets the regional standard for quality service but is also made up of a majority of Ese'eja community members, providing valuable income from tourism to their families.
  • Canopy Tour provides easy access to one of the world's final biological frontiers: the rain forest canopy.
  • Natural history attractions include oxbow lake with giant river otters, parrot clay lick and monkeys.
Please note that Southern Explorations trips include the Posada Amazonas 3D/2N programs. Contact us if interested in more time at Posada Amazonas or Tambopata Research Center (or similar lodges).
Arriving from Lima or Cusco, your Peru tour kicks off with a welcome reception and transferred to the Tambopata River port in Puerto Maldonado. Puerto Maldonado, a busy tropical frontier town, is situated at the confluence of the mighty Madre de Dios and Tambopata rivers. Its principal economic resources are gold mining, Brazil-nut collecting, timber extraction, agriculture and ecotourism. After a brief tour of the town, depart on a two-hour motorized canoe trip to Posada Amazonas. Depending on the flight's arrival time, enjoy a boxed lunch aboard the boat, or have lunch upon arrival at Posada Amazonas. During your voyage, you'll see such fascinating bird species as the black skimmer, pied lapwing, capped heron, jabiru stork, roadside hawk and several species of kingfishers, swallows and flycatchers. Unpack and get acquainted with your relaxing surroundings. After a briefing on the lodge and the Ecotourism Project, you'll take a fifteen-minute walk to visit the 115-foot canopy tower. The tower's scaffolding is built for safe climbing, with an internal staircase, verandahs on each side and resting platforms every six feet. The top not only offers spectacular views of the river and surrounding forest, but also excellent opportunities to observe birds, including parrots, toucans and macaws. An introductory video about the Tambopata forest will be shown after dinner. (L,D)
After an early breakfast, depart from the port at Posada Amazonas on a fifteen minute boat ride followed by a thirty minute walk to the shores of Tres Chimbadas Lake. From here, our Peru tour takes us on a long, easy canoe ride around the lake. Look for giant river otters, turtles, hoatzin and wading birds. The river otters observed in Tres Chimbadas belong to a resident family of nine. Return to the trails to visit a small parakeet clay lick. Dozens of blue-headed parrots, orange-cheeked parrots, cobalt-winged parakeets, and sometimes even the rare rock parakeet, gather here on clear days to ingest clay. This congregation creates a riotous, colorful spectacle of your Peru tour, sometimes lasting hours. Later, return to the lodge for lunch and a brief rest. In the afternoon, visit the community's ethno-botanical center where for over ten years, the community has been cultivating and registering the uses of medicinal plants with the help of the elders. As you hike the trails around the Center, you'll learn about the everyday uses of forest resources in medicine, home building, food supplies and handicrafts. After dinner at the lodge, take a guided night walk, in search of amphibians and insects. (B,L,D)
After an early breakfast return to Puerto Maldonado to return to Cusco or Lima, marking the end of our services and your Peru tour. (B)


When to Visit
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Peru is a diverse country. With beaches, mountains, rainforest and desert, there is no off-season. But it does pay to know a bit about where you're going, and what you'll need on your Peru tour:

The Andes - Though officially part of the dry season, April and May are considered the Andean spring, while June through October marks the Andean summer. Mid-day temperatures range from 70 to 80 F in the sun. Nighttime temperatures in Cusco range in the 40s F and can dip into the 30s F. Weather is usually clear in the morning with clouds accumulating in the afternoon. Rain can happen in any season, so quality rain gear is essential.

The Amazon - A rainforest environment, the Peruvian Amazon has varied weather conditions and frequent unpredictable rain showers. It is generally hot and humid during the day with more comfortable temperatures through the night. Daytime high temperatures average between 82° and 93° F, and the average nighttime low is between 62° and 73°. Nevertheless, in some areas cold fronts can sweep into the Amazon and push daytime high temperatures down to 50° F and nighttime lows to 43° F. Any time of year, one should always be prepared for cooler temperatures and rain showers. Around 80% of the annual average 79 inches of rainfall occurs during the rainy season (December through March) when heavy rain may continue for hours or days.

Year Round Temperatures in °F, Rainfall in Inches


Min-Max Air Temp

Avg Rainfall


*Year Round Temperatures in °F, Rainfall in Inches


Min-Max Air Temp

Avg Rainfall


*Year Round Temperatures in °F, Rainfall in Inches


Min-Max Air Temp

Avg Rainfall


*Year Round Temperatures in °F, Rainfall in Inches


Min-Max Air Temp

Avg Rainfall


*Year Round Temperatures in °F, Rainfall in Inches


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Posada Amazonas Ecolodge Tour

Per Person
3 days / 2 nights: $430 per person (Single Supplement +$135)
4 days / 3 nights: $610 per person (Single Supplement +$235)
Included in tour cost
  • All hotel accommodations
  • English-speaking certified guides
  • Entrance fees for all scheduled tours, national parks & archaeological sites
  • Meals as indicated
  • Southern Explorations pre-departure services
Excluded from tour cost
  • Domestic airfare within South America
  • International airfare to and from Central & South America
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Medical & travel insurance (highly recommended)

Posada Amazonas Ecolodge Tour

Trip Dates
Possible Programs: Posada Amazonas (3d-2n): A short introduction to the rain forest based in Posada Amazonas. You will have time to visit a canopy tower, a parrot clay lick, an oxbow lake and an ethnobotanical center. Due to time constraints, the visit to the clay lick is at a poor hour for wildlife observation. Posada Amazonas (4d-3n): Our recommended introduction to the rain forest - but still an introduction. In addition to the activities of the previous program you will hike a rain forest trail with a member of the Infierno community and also visit the clay lick at prime time (dawn). Tambopata Research Center (5d-4n): If you can spare the extra day, this program is a must if you want to delve into pristine rain forest and see the world's largest clay lick. Your chances of seeing large mammals are much increased in the trails around TRC. A little bit hurried for such a long boat ride. Tambopata Research Center (6d-5n): The ideal rain forest tour for nature enthusiasts. You will see the world's largest clay lick, visit the canopy tower and oxbow lake at Posada Amazonas, hike to a macaw nesting colony at TRC, and explore its trail system at leisure with expert naturalist guides. Tambopata Research Center (7d-6n): If you are really into the rain forest, birdwatching or photography, you will appreciate the extra day.

One Day


amazon rainforest waterfall

Our trip was rather complex with three different sections (Amazon, Galapagos, and Machu Picchu (Peru)).  There were a number of internal flights as well as trains, boats, and more.  We also had coordination of people joining us part way through, special guides, and special activities for some people.  I was very impressed that all of the transfers, activities, and connections occurred without a hitch.  There were ample opportunities for things to go wrong, but the whole trip went exceptionally smoothly.  All of the guides were outstanding - knowledgeable, personable, with good communication skills, and a good sense of humor.  I appreciated the very small groups, which afforded just the right balance.  We were able to see more than expected. It couldn’t have been better. - Linda Tredupp, Wisconsin (Amazon, Galapagos Island Cruise & Peru)

I was very impressed with the organization of our trip.  Everything Southern Explorations was responsible for went smoothly and everything was on schedule.  The Manatee on the Amazon had some initial trouble but it could not have been known or anticipated by SE.  Once again I would like to compliment Jorge on his work.  He made our comings and goings to and from Quito very easy.  If I go to South America again my first call will be to Southern Explorations.  Thank you. - Peter Tuck, CA (Corals & Manatee)

I have traveled many places in the world but the trip put together by Southern Explorations may well be the best. The amazing biology we saw on the Galapagos and in the Amazon, wonderful guides both on the Eclipse and at Sacha lodge, excellent food, and great coordination of the different parts of the trip made for an incredible journey.   -Marilyn Parsons, USA (Galapagos Island Cruise & Amazon)

Please consider strongly using Southern Explorations to book your trip to South America. These folks are well organized and provided excellent preparation materials. The two tours that I took (Galapagos Islands and the Amazon) were outstanding, in part due to the people working with Southern Explorations. There was excellent communication between Southern Explorations staff and myself which helped markedly in planning the trip, the exact locations to be visited, and the accommodations. Do not miss this opportunity to work with this wonderful group! - Renée Leboeuf (Galapagos Island Cruise & Amazon)

Thank-you for the trip of a life time and I have already recommended you to everyone who asks! - Wendy Williams, Canada (Amazon, Machu Picchu & Galapagos Island Cruise)

Southern Explorations did a superb job creating an individual guided trip for us to the Amazon, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. The guides were terrific - well-informed, friendly and flexible. The accommodations were excellent. The trip was a thrilling experience for us - exceeded our expectations at all of the locations. Thank you!! - David Bergen & Rhea Feldman, USA (Amazon & Peru)

We had an outstanding time on our Galapagos Adventure + stay at the Sacha Lodge. Everything ran seamlessly and our guides were fun and knowledgeable. It was the perfect mix of activity, education, and relaxation! We also highly recommend the Sacha Lodge. - Eric & Leah Monson, USA (Galapagos Island Land & Amazon) 

Peru - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I choose an itinerary?
A: We offer a wide variety of itineraries suitable for all ages, fitness levels and personal interests. Figuring out the total number of days you are available to travel is a good starting point and your Adventure Travel Coordinator can guide you through the options.
Q: Can I make changes or additions to these tours?
A: Yes! We are happy to modify any tour to meet your needs and also add pre and post-excursion extensions. If you sign up for a group departure we cannot change the group portion, but we can add extensions before and after.
Q: When is the best time to go to Peru?
A: Many travelers like to visit Peru between the months of April and October, when the chances of rain are much lower. Avoid the height of summer (June through August) and the Christmas holiday season for smaller crowds and the best selection of accommodations.
Q: What is the weather like in Peru?
A: The most traveled section of Peru, where Cusco and Machu Picchu are located, has a dry season (April – October) and a rainy season (November – March) with daytime temperatures in the 60s and 70s and lows in the 40s. Rainfall and temperatures vary in other regions depending on season and elevation. Please see the weather tab on your specific trip for more details.
Q: What is a typical day like in Peru? 
A: A typical day in Peru will vary from tour to tour, but generally you can expect to start your excursions right after breakfast with a full day of scheduled activities or sightseeing. Contact your Adventure Travel Coordinator to discuss the specifics of your tour.
Q: How physically fit do I need to be to enjoy a trip to Peru? 
A: Our trips vary in level of activity, so the requirements differ based on itinerary. It’s important to keep in mind that much of Peru is at or above 8000’ above sea level which can add some difficulty to the activities. Please check our physical ratings for each itinerary to see what may be required of you when assessing your ability to enjoy a trip. If you have any specific questions, please contact your Adventure Travel Coordinator. We have personal experience with these activities and can help you decide whether a trip is right for you.
Q: How much time do we need to visit Peru?
A: We offer trips as short as 5 days, but recommend 7 days to adequately explore the Andean highlands (Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu). If you wish to visit more than one region, we recommend travelling for at least 12 days.
Q: How far in advance should I book?
A: Peru is a popular destination and space at the most desirable hotels fills up quickly. As a rule, the further in advance you can plan, the more options you will have. We recommend planning at least six to nine months in advance throughout the year, and a year ahead of time for anything over the Christmas holiday season.
Q: What are your booking and cancellation policies?
A: Click here to see our booking and cancellation policies.
Q: Do you use certified guides?
A: Our guides have been carefully selected for their knowledge, professionalism, experience and ability to effectively manage groups with finesse. We hire only guides who are native to the destination and are licensed and/or certified in accordance with the government regulations of their country. All are fluent in Spanish and English, and some also speak indigenous languages. Most have advanced degrees in tourism, biology, native culture or other related field. All guides are experienced in the outdoors and trained in basic first aid.
Q: What kind of accommodations can I expect?
A: We primarily work with 3 and 4-star hotels that meets our standards. We also work with several amazing 5-star properties. All of our hotels are clean, comfortable, well-located, offer en suite bathrooms and have been personally vetted by a Southern Explorations’ staff member.
Q: Do tours include airfare?
A: We will confirm all airfare within South America and this price will be listed separately from our base tour costs. You are responsible for booking international flights to/from Peru.
Q: How many people are on your tours?
A: We operate our scheduled group trips with a minimum of two and a maximum of eight guests, except on the Inca Trail trips, which have a maximum of 12 guests. This policy minimizes our environmental impact, allows us to travel to areas less visited, and makes the sightseeing experience more personal. It allows our guides sufficient time to attend to the individual needs of each visitor. Traveling in small groups also increases the likelihood of encountering wildlife in some areas, such as the Amazon. Some all-inclusive lodges and cruises offer excursions with their in-house guides and groups for those days may exceed eight travelers.
Q: Will I get more information on packing, vaccines, currency, electricity, etc.?
A: After booking you will receive a link to our online trip portal which includes all of the need-to-know information that is specific to your itinerary.  This includes packing lists, restaurant recommendations, tipping guides, FAQs, vaccine recommendations and currency information. Your Adventure Travel Coordinator will also be a great resource for any other information you may need.