Titilaka is located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Titicaca, far off the beaten path, on a tranquil private peninsula shared only with the local indigenous Aymara community of the same name. Surrounded on three sides by the pristine lake, and with four acres of grounds, Titilaka is the perfect base to explore this unspoiled corner of an area renowned for its ethereal beauty and remains home to some of Peru’s most traditional communities.Eighteen lake-facing rooms with exceptional views... READ MORE >>
Day 1: Arrive Titilaka Hotel
Day 2: Explore Lake Titicaca Area - Choose From A Plethora Of Great Excursions
Day 3: Depart Titilaka Hotel
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Day 1: Arrive Titilaka Hotel
Arrive and checkin at Titilaka Hotel 
Day 2: Explore Lake Titicaca Area - Choose From A Plethora Of Great Excursions
Take advantage of the optional excuersions at the hotel.  Passengers can also add more days to enjoy even more the area has to offer!  Contact us for more details to customize and extend your Lake Titicaca Adventure.

Islands of Lake Titicaca
One of the world’s most interesting oddities, the Uros Floating Islands are handmade islands constructed of the totoro reeds that grow abundantly along the lake’s shores. Explore the Uros floating islands and the Island of Taquile on this full-day trip, one of our most popular excursions. Originally constructed as refuge for the Uros people from warring tribes, the new inhabitants never left. They have since developed their own subculture of the Aymara Culture, in one of the most intriguing environments on earth.

The Aymara Route
In the Aymara Route excursion, taking up a whole day, you will get to discover the geography, neighboring communities, nature, and privileged views of the Chucuito peninsula and Acora. Dive into pre-Incan times, in the legends and stories your guide will tell you all about and learn about Lake Titicaca’s importance in the local worldview and means of subsistence.
Grow closely acquainted with the unique interconnectedness of man and nature surviving to this day. Be it by car, by bike or on foot, make your way through the paths pondering through open fields and pastures, reaching the privileged views of natural lookouts and finally enjoying the lake’s extensive reach. As part of the excursion, guests will see the lodge’s neighboring communities engaging in daily labors, birds in their varying ecosystems, archeological remains, and astonishing landscapes. Along the way, stop and enjoy your specially prepared lunch in the company of the lake’s calm and majestic views.

Colla Route Trek
The Colla Route, part of the original network of Incan roadways, runs through the rocky mountain area near the lodge. Leaving early in the morning, the traveler has numerous route options to choose from along the Colla Route or up to the Titilaka Archway. While walking, you’ll be able to enjoy views of the area and Bolivia’s impressive Cordillera Real or Royal Mountain Range.

Marketplace visit
The people of the Peruvian Altiplano are faithful to many historic traditions, among them, bartering or trading as a main form of payment and commerce. Sundays are typically the day to trade agricultural products. You´ll see a colorful display and an imense variety of potatoes, quinoa, chuño, among other local goods not seen elsewhere. The visit to the marketplace offers a unique opportunity to participate in the local swift shopping experience.

Colonial Temples Visit
Stop and explore the epicenter of the region’s evangelizing mission of indigenous peoples during the Spanish conquest in Puno’s Juli and Pomata churches, this last one used as a model in the construction of other South-American colonial-period temples. Located between Cuzco and the historic mining town of Potosí, these religious centers are at the intersection of millenary cultural legacies, the mining rush, and the clash of faiths.

Local Festivities
Known as the Peruvian Capital of Folklore, Puno is host to some of the region’s most renowned traditional festivals. Among the most celebrated and popular, the feast of the Virgin of la Candelaria, declared Intangible and Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO boasts over 360 pre and post-colonial dances. Weaving together a unique version of local history, this festival is held each February and gathers around 40,000 people.

Nautical Sports
As the first nautical sports facility on Lake Titicaca, our boat house offers you the exclusive opportunity to sail at more than 12,000 feet above sea level. Choose among kayaks, Canadian canoes, paddle boards and sunfish sailboats, or try them all as you explore this wonderful body of water. Experienced Titilaka instructors will look over your safety and explain navigation procedures before you begin your nautical journey.

Rafting through the reeds
Allow our guides to gently lead you on a raft through masses of Totora reed near the lodge as you learn more about this local hydrophilic plant species. Explore the lake’s ecosystem and learn about the close relationship existing between the peoples inhabiting the lake and its natural resources. Used in a number of ways, Totora reed is part of the local diet as well as a construction material for housing.

Sundowner - Aymara, Constellation observation
Puno’s clear skies and the Altiplano’s serenity make the lake’s environment a perfect place for astronomical observations. Layer up before stepping outside to our lodge gardens where your guide will explain the movement of stars and locate constellations such as the Warawara Hawira (Milky Way).
Accompanied by our specialized guides, you’ll learn to detect, identify, and even mimick bird songs as you attempt to connect with native species. As part of the excursion, you’ll visit different ecosystems where you’ll be able to find a wide range of local birds, especially in the protected wetland area near the lodge.

Strolling Across the Altiplano
Consider the magnificent views, hues, and impressive Andean geography while you walk along rural paths near Titilaka. Visit a local community and learn more about the traditions and practices of Andean life in the Peruvian Altiplano. Observe local agricultural and fishing practices, an essential part of the daily routine.

Cycling through Plateria
Undoubtedly one of our most memorable journeys, cycling through the fields of Platería offers unforgettable scenery as you explore outdoors under Puno’s blue sky. Crossing varying terrain, you’ll follow rural paths along the lakeshore where you will see locals participating in their daily activities.

Day 3: Depart Titilaka Hotel
Depart Titilaka onto your next destination. 


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Great trip. Extremely well done. Very interesting, good value, very efficient. All guides were great. Hotels were good and the guides worked with us. I didn’t like some of the steep drop offs on the ledges at the sites and Jose stayed between me and the edge so I could get down. Everyone was great. - Donna Lee, USA (Machu Picchu)

Extremely well organized and informative adventure. Guides and local representatives made us feel very comfortable in a strange land. Would highly recommend this trip and Southern Explorations. - Steve Greenwood, USA (Peru)

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